Elderly rider is knocked down by a train arm and onto the tracks

Czech police announced the rescue of an elderly man who was on the railroad after the accident. The incident occurred on April 21 of the current year, however, the footage became available only now.

According to law enforcement officers, 85-year-old Jir'i Dusz tried to overcome the railway crossing near the station Kostelec nad Orlici, located in Bohemia in the west of the Czech Republic.

The motorcyclist aged did not notice that the barrier had already been lowered - he crashed into a barrier, lost his balance and fell on the rails.

The nearby 32-year-old Dalibor Vobornik hurried to the rescue and promptly evacuated the victim and his vehicle.

The police, who recently rewarded the retired savior, acknowledged that the man had managed to be on time and managed to carry out a rescue operation before the arrival of the approaching train, whose driver would not have time to stop the train and avoid running over a person.

Read more: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=uzuNh_15...

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