The Mail On Sunday Called Jeremy Corbyn A 'Dangerous Hero' And It's Raising A Few Eyebrows

A Mail on Sunday article claiming to expose Jeremy Corbyn’s “extremist views” and “chaotic personal life” is being mocked for its varied and eyebrow-raising assertions.MAIL ON SUNDAY (it was emailed with a blank picture to the right - sorry)— Helen Miller (@MsHelicat) February 9, 2019Quoting excerpts from ‘Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot For Power’, a new book by Tom Bower, the article contains such revelations as the Labour leader can’t tell the difference between Heinz baked beans and Tesco’s own brand.Shocking revelation in the Mail on Sunday today: Apparently Jeremy Corbyn buys TESCO own brand baked beans and not Heinz and can't tell the difference between the two.— Ian D. Sharman (@idsharman) February 10, 2019Can’t believe one of #DangerousHero Jeremy Corbyn’s favourite activities is eating cold baked beans. Has the man never tried running through a field of wheat?!— Steve Klarich (@SteveKlarich) February 10, 2019Much of the book is based on interviews with Corbyn’s ex-wives, Jane Chapman and Claudia Bracchitta.Chapman reveals that he didn’t read a book during four years of marriage...Mail on Sunday is all about Corbyn today. This is probably the most damning revelation— Jonathan Haynes (@JonathanHaynes) February 10, 2019Preferred camping to staying in hotels...The Daily Mail’s ‘explosive’ exclusive on Jeremy Corbyn was that he went camping once.— George Aylett (@GeorgeAylett) February 9, 2019And demonstrated a “distressing” lack of interest in “medieval towns.”Attempted to get through the Mail on Sunday's 12 pages on "joyless fanatic" Jeremy Corbyn, but have retired defeated after the shocking revelation that he "found no pleasure in medieval towns"— Claire Phipps (@Claire_Phipps) February 10, 2019Bracchitta reveals an episode in which Corbyn didn’t fulfil his household duties when they sold their home to downsize.The article reads:“On the day of the move, Corbyn was told by Claudia to empty the fridge. He forgot. He also forgot to clear the garage. Late in the afternoon, while their former home’s new owner fumed on the pavement, the garage door was opened to reveal rubbish crammed to the ceiling.”The piece also claims the Arsenal supporter doesn’t actually like football...Enjoying the Mail on Sunday accusing Corbyn of being a fairweather Arsenal fan who doesn't much enjoy football but wants the man-of-the-people kudos that goes with it. As if that wasn't 50% of Arsenals fanbase.— Rob Davies (@ByRobDavies) February 10, 2019Reaction on social media to the piece has been one of befuddlement. Mail on Sunday Corbyn exclusive highlights:He had a dogHe had a catHe ate baked beansMiddle England will be livid.— Matt Thomas #JC4PM2019 (@Trickyjabs) February 9, 2019Corbyn in ‘bit of a miserabilist, lefty’ scoop over 12 pages of Mail on Sunday. Who knew?— John Crace (@JohnJCrace) February 10, 2019Mail on Sunday today is an anti-Corbyn pamphlet with a few pages on other news— Kevin Maguire (@Kevin_Maguire) February 10, 2019On Sunday morning the hashtag #DangerousHero was trending as Corbyn supporters vented their fury and suggested the article was part of a smear campaign.#DangerousHero Wants everyone to have a roof over their head. A living wage of 10.00 per hour. A nationalised transport service , cheaper for all. Nationalise water, cheaper for all. He is dangerous for millionaires who do not want to pay their fare share of taxes. #GTTO— RedSue#JC4PM2019#GTTO (@REDsue1441) February 10, 2019.#DangerousHero strikes again.— Dave. #JC4PM2019 (@davcon73) February 10, 2019Meanwhile on Sunday, Labour said it will seek to force Theresa May into a second Commons showdown on her Brexit deal by the end of the month.Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said Labour will use a Commons amendment to require the prime minister to hold another “meaningful vote” on her deal by February 26.The move is in response to fears that May is engaged in a “cynical” attempt to run down the clock before the March 29 Brexit date in order to leave MPs with a stark choice of accepting her deal or crashing out of the European Union without any agreement.Related...
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