Donald Trump's UK Visit Cost You £18 Million

The police operation for Donald Trump’s visit to the UK is estimated to have cost nearly £18 million, it has emerged.Thousands of officers were deployed to cover the three-day trip in the largest mobilisation since the 2011 riots.Sara Thornton, who chairs the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said it was a “significant operation” with the US President visiting four force areas and protests taking place in many others.In a blog published on Thursday, she wrote: “Nearly every force supported the operation with nearly 10,000 officers deployed from all over the country, performing over 26,000 shifts.“The full cost of the operation is still being worked out but an early estimate is nearly £18 million. “The majority of forces had to cancel officers’ rest days and extend the length of their shifts. Despite the challenges, the hard work of officers and staff made sure that the public were kept safe throughout.”Thornton said all forces reported “high demand” at the time of the visit in July, which coincided with increased demand and calls linked to the World Cup, hot weather and numerous events and festivals.Much of the policing dealt with the huge protests that took place over the three days which followed wherever Trump went.Anti-#Trump protests outside— Andrew Woodcock (@AndyWoodcock) July 12, 2018The main gathering occurred in Trafalgar Square where around 100,000 people took part, one of the largest in UK history.Trump protest in the UK ✊

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